Hope for the Flowers

“Roses”, Maria Felicitas, CHS

Remember the wonderful book Hope for the Flowers — a delightful little gift we adults exchanged with each other back in the 80s? Children’s literature is fabulous stuff, and I suspect moms and dads and aunts and grandpas and other adult friends buy these books as much for themselves as for gifts. Why is that?

I’m not sure, but I think the ability of a child to observe the world with eyes of wonder and hearts wide open is something we adults have just about forgotten.

But not quite. And that teeny hint of memory just might save the world.

Imagine what life would be like if we adults could once again shut out everything around us except a daddy longlegs or a hollyhock or a tire swing over the pond on a hot summer day? If following an inchworm were more valuable to us than squeezing one more task into our busy days? If we allowed ourselves to be captivated by the glory of the rest of Earth’s life community for an hour or so?

The next time you get a chance to hang out with your favorite child (and if you don’t have one of those, by all means go find one), give your adult self a break. Share a child’s view of Life.

My, what an idea.


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