They’re here!!

For all you duck lovers out there (and those of you who just tolerate my frequent duck-gushing blogs), all the hard work of the past two weeks is finally paying off!

Because the ducks aren’t fond of close scutiny, and therefore waddle away when I try to take their pictures, these aren’t the best … but I think you can still see those amazing new little feathers, just pushing out of recently-naked quills. Petra is at the top, and her new, perfectly formed tiny wing feathers are that lovely blue-green-gold that marks a healthy feeding environment.

Basil, below, is even harder to catch on film, but his blossoming white wing feathers are fairly obvious in this shot.

Spring is bustin’ out all over!!

(And stay tuned for more pics tomorrow. The garden has already begun its own fecundity; we will have our first salad of the spring for lunch today.)

One thought on “They’re here!!

  1. Molts do pay off! 😀 It’s been almost a YEAR since I arrived at Bluestone farm last summer.. wow. Hey I’m growing some new feathers of my own, that’s for sure…

    And Basil is so cute with his fancy shoes! ^-^ Everything has come full circle again and I’m just like WHOA where have I been the past seven months? I feel like I am awakening from a really long nightmarish sleep. Spring is here!

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