News from the Front

Fear not, the raccoon wars rage on.

I was sure the large flower-pot-type unit over the duck food can was the answer. It worked for three days. I guess in terms of raccoon wars, that’s a long time. But in terms of keeping the cost of feeding the ducks at a reasonable level, it’s not long enough.

So, back to the drawing board. OK. They can unhook bungee cords. Those they cannont unhook, they just eat. They can knock a decent-sized rock off the top of the can. They can certainly remove a simple lid, and it took them only three nights to figure out how to remove a wedged-on, very large plastic pot from the top of the container. Hmmm. Even I couldn’t get that danged pot off without lifting the entire, twenty-plus-pound contraption, food and all, and banging it down several times.

At this point, I just refuse to put the food in the basement. It’s not that I don’t think that’s a good idea, I just can’t admit an animal with a brain one-twenty-fifth the size of mine can outsmart me. My pride just won’t allow it.

Now I think I’ve really, really got it. I located one of the many pavers that were used around here and that we laboriously dragged from hillside and garden to the side of the house for future use. Like to keep raccoons out of the duck food. Those babies must weight thirty pounds themselves. Maybe more.

Great. So I picked one up, huffing and puffing it down the steps, across the lawn, back up to the porch, and finally on top of that pesky food storage can. Boy, that should do it.

And it has. For three nights, now.


2 thoughts on “News from the Front

  1. Had you thought of using a chain with a lock through the handles of the container? Might be lighter than that paver and easier on you back.

    As for your pride, just remember your father and his war with the squirrels, whose brains were even smaller.

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