The times, are they a-changin’?

I’m sitting here in a semi-dark room (and yes, I’m still in my jammies, though I have plans to change that), it’s nearly noon and I’m eyeing the bed with thoughts of another nap drifting through my head. I’m still thinking I may never feel normal again.

When I’m healthy and begin to recognize that I’m in a rut, my usual remedy is to clean my room and rearrange all the furniture. The sisters laugh about this, usually accompanied by a significant eyeball roll; but for some reason a change of scenery does wonders for my attitude. That works fine when I’m feeling healthy and full of pep. But unearthing the broom and a dust rag is just more than I can accomplish right now. Hmmmm …

OK, I do have enough energy to sit here at the computer, at least for an hour or two. The least demanding renovation I can think of is the web site and this blog. Soooo … voila, new looks on both.

Now I’m heading back to bed to wait for that wonderful, energetic surge that comes with change to arrive. Surely it will happen soon.

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