Perfect Balance

I suppose this picture will hike a few eyebrows. What is a nun doing showing an, um, amorous embrace between slugs on her blog?

Raciness aside, I think this is one of the more lovely pictures we have. That is saying more than you might imagine; last summer slugs were the bane of our gardening endeavors, easily consuming as much food (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were actually more) than six humans did. We confess to dispatching a goodly number of them using the tried and true beer method. They entered eternal slug-life as happy little critters; I was sure if I listened hard enough I’d hear drinking songs and raucous laughter from the strawberry patch.

But then Sr. Helena Marie took this amazing picture, and my attitude made an abrupt about-face. How can you not like creatures that mate in the yin-yang position? Suddenly I thought strawberry shortcake came in a poor second to the artistry of these amazingly beautiful creatures — and who would ever think that about a slug?


2 thoughts on “Perfect Balance

  1. Actually, this pictures was taken this past summer, so … it’s not so much about keeping warm as perhaps getting warm!

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