Another loss

Last night we learned that a very good friend died unexpectedly. She was way too young, and the loss of her presence on Earth is just now beginning to settle in.

Her life was hard and challenging, yet she was one of the most courageous, faithful and funny people I’ve known. Over the next weeks and months her passing will be marked by a rolling wake of confusion, shock and grief. She was the superior of a religious order, and her sisters will have to find their way into the future without her body or her voice.

I know that wake will eventually relax back into the great ocean of life. We will mourn for sure—and then we will all get on with the business of life. But the molecules of that ocean will never be quite the same. We have all been changed by knowing and loving her, and the mark of her being stays with us; the song of her life will dance in the air forever.

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