Unexpected joy

I awakened to a call from one of our sisters upstairs; she, too, now has the Dreaded Winter Cold that I have apparently graciously shared among our little family. That makes three of us. Thankfully I’m feeling much better, and could probably include myself more accurately in the healthy count. I’m certainly included in it today in any event.

Good thing, because today’s schedule began rearranging itself from the get-go. Besides two pretty sick sisters to care for, the brand new toidy (that would be the one that has replaced the ancient model that overflowed down into the first floor hall a week ago), seems to be prone to follow in its predecessor’s tracks. This time the flood included the great room as well as the hall, and exceeded the quantity by a factor of two or three.

OK, let’s add massive clean-up and call the plumber to the to-do list. I covered duck duty for the two ill ones, who are the duck angels every day. Because the weather is mild today, and the duck houses were filling up with hay, I decided to muck out at least the large house. Then it seemed smart (it remains to be seen if this actually was smart) to use the used hay to mulch a nice path down the hill from house to duckville; that route is constantly icy whenever it snows. Don’t you think hay would provide good traction?

Then my plan to wash clothes was shifted around because I had to wash the mountain of towels used to mop up the flood. OK, two more loads won’t be all that bad. Oh, the treatment for the DWC includes a lot of fluids, and I drank up the juice when I first came down with it. One trip to the local organic grocer.

Oops, we still have to pick up the car from the repair shop. OK, one trip to the repair shop.

Whew. It’s 3:15 now, and I’m ready to begin my day, or at least the one I had planned to accomplish today. Except a meeting with our school folks was set up for 3:30, so gee, let’s see … what can I get done in fifteen minutes? Of course: this blog.

The real point here is life goes amazingly well if we can just get ourselves to expect the unexpected, and then act (or at least feel) like we planned it that way all along. A month from now I won’t even remember that all my plans flew out the window, never mind a year from now. So was schedule one all that important? Not in the long run.

Now if we could just apply that to the big issues in our lives, what a fun world we might live in. Our Presiding Bishop has several times referred to a way forward for the Anglican Communion that might include quite unexpected solutions —a wise and delightful openness that we all might want to adopt.


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