The king is enthroned once again

For those of you who enjoy keeping up with the King of Melrose, Bruno is visiting us for a few days. I got a great picture of him last night. Unfortunately I took it with my cell phone, which is a little selfish about its photos so I can’t post it here.

Too bad, because he was sitting on another sister’s lap, in something of a sphinx pose. He didn’t want to miss anything, so his head was up, but it was past his bedtime and he couldn’t keep his eyes open.

I don’t know how animals do this — sleeping in an alert pose. Cats do it really well. I understand that some humans can do it, too, but I’m not one of them. When I fell asleep in college biology, the whole room knew it. Embarrassing.

Bruno has been catching up on the doings around the farm. He has been attending chapel (where he practices that alert-but-sleeping thing); checked out the ducks and found them all accounted for and still interested in him; has marked all of his favorite spots again (this takes a while; Bruno is very thorough about such things); ignores both Bob and Simon, which drives them a little crazy—apparently this is not normal dog behavior and they don’t know what to make of it; watched the sugaring process through the window from the warmth and comfort of the wing-backed chair in the front room; and has generally found the farm exactly as he wishes it to be: fit for a king.

I love dogs because they have no pretense whatever. Life is their oyster, humans exist solely for the care and adoration of them (which love is gratefully and greatly reciprocated), and body noises, routine hygiene and bad breath cause them not a moment’s dismay.

There are days when I wish I had that kind of presence …


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