Ernie’s Place

After waiting all winter, Ernie and Ernie, and Ernie .. have arrived. A pound of red wigglers were delivered last night, and they have settled in nicely under the kitchen sink.

OK, eeeeuuwwww, right?

Not really. Red wigglers are champion compost-makers, and they live happily and safely under our kitchen sink. It’s cool-ish, dark and humid under there. And we feed them organic food scraps.

What more could a worm want?

At the moment they are occupying the left condominium; when their waste particles (called “castings”) have helped to transform the bits of soil, shredded newspaper and kitchen scraps into rich compost, we’ll move them to the right side and use the newly produced compost on the left for the gardens.

As I was taking this picture, Bob slipped into it, checking out the new members of the family. Maybe he thought this arrangement had something to do with him, since his collar matches the address so well. Or because he detected fresh peelings in there. Or he’s a worm connoisseur.

Who knows.


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