Wednesday wonders, CG version

Following Robin’s lead, here are my own Wednesday Wonders (things I’m grateful for):

    ● Another addition in Sr. Heléna Marie’s Seed Canticles (more on this later; for now, just trust me on this one — they’re great)
    ● Food made from the gleanings of our own garden
    ● Seeing wild geese sitting on nests on the way to New York City
    ● Discovering The Great Indoor Flood was easy to fix
    ● The first whiff of lilac blooms in the spring
    ● A glass of wine before bed after a long day
    ● The earlier Daylight Savings Time change
    ● The look of the ducks when they have just finished molting
    ● Low, dark storm clouds rolling in from the west
    ● The song of a hermit thrush
    ● That when disaster strikes, our first response is to support and help each other every way we can — even if we have no idea who the “other” is


And how is your own attitude of gratitude doing today … ?


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