Earth Day, Earth Week … Earth Lifetime

We have been madly trying to catch up with planting and other outdoor work. Peas like cold, but not –20°, so they couldn’t get planted until last week. Way late. If the weather stays cool, we said, it’ll be all right.

But the weather didn’t stay cool. It was over 80° here today, so I guess the peas will become ground enrichment this year. What a shame; I just love peas.

The carpenter bees are all over the place, the lilac blooms are almost 2″ tall already, the wasps and flies are zooming around as if they own the place, the star magnolia is in bloom, the redbud is about to flame bright pink … there was snow on the ground last week!

There’s no doubt about it: we live on a breathtaking, amazing, gorgeous planet.

Let’s all treat the Earth for what it truly is. Our Mother. And not just today, either. Let’s make every day a happy Mother’s day.


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