Wednesday wonders, CG version

I missed last Wednesday, but here’s the Wednesday Wonder list for this week:

  • The flashy colors of sunset
  • A full moon in a clear sky
  • The sound, sight and smell of a roaring fire on a cold night
  • Watching a beaver dam go up, one stick at a time
  • Six new skeins of yarn … what to make, what to make!
  • My birthday
  • Coffee in the morning
  • The call of a hermit thrush (I know, I said that last time, but it’s really, really pretty)
  • When the sun begins to burn off a foggy morning
  • Raindrops hanging off the bottom of the buds on the Redbud tree
  • The feel of spinning Alpaca fleece
  • Sunday’s crossword puzzles, still unfinished on Wednesday
  • Seeing my first rose-breasted grosbeak and rufous-sided towhee
  • Finding something entirely useless, silly and entertaining on the web (for example, want to know your very own peculiar aristocratic title?)

Her Grace Lady Marjorie the Wholesome of Leighton in the Bucket

2 thoughts on “Wednesday wonders, CG version

  1. I am grateful for the laugh you just gave me with the link to knowing your own peculiar aristocratic title. This is why I laughed:

    Her Exalted Highness Duchess Robin the Surprised of Giggleswick under Table

  2. Where, or more particularly, how did you find that link?
    And aren’t you a little early on the birthday? It is next week, baby sis.
    Imperial Majesty Sue the Smoked of Lardle Midhoop

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