Wednesday wonders, CG version May 9

Here we go …

  • These first warm, summer-like days
  • The deep blue sky of a low-humidity day
  • The wild presence of spring flowers, bushes and trees, all in raging bloom
  • That the astilbe and, um, whatever that other lovely plant is, all came back and look gorgeous in their spring finery
  •  A quiet house on a quiet day
  • My family
  • When the Buzzinator parades his latest pest-control effort in front of us (not a Wednesday wonder for the victims, I know, but the Bob-cat is so proud to be helping with the garden)
  • The hermit thrush song (still lighting up our forest in the late afternoon)
  • Quilting fabrics
  • New garden gloves to start the year off right (thanks, Sue and Spirit — and the tooth-marked ribbon was just beautiful!)
  • The ferry ride to Long Island on a clear day
  • Meditation
  • Pasta, any shape, any color
  • The excitement of a successful kitchen experiment, like the tasty vinegar in progress

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Keep those thanksgiving vibes wiggling.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday wonders, CG version May 9

  1. And Happy Birthday Sister!
    (Another Wednesday Wonder you didn’t mention)
    Hope your day is filled with fun and love and cake and a nice glass of vino… or two.

  2. Spirit was overjoyed that you liked his “toothy” additions to the ribbon. He says that he is willing to embellish any and all of your ribbons from now on! Happy Birthday, Sis.

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