Book review: Daniel Quinn

It’s about time for another book review. This time it’s actually several books. The Ishmael trilogy by Daniel Quinn, to be specific. I love these books ( “these” being Ishmael, The Story of B and My Ishmael). If you’re limited to one for any reason, I suggest The Story of B.

Quinn is a master at explaining how the human species managed to leave some hundred thousand years (or so) of living in full relationship with the Earth behind us, trading a fully sustainable existence for what has become, in something like a mere 13,000 years, wild and dangerous consumerism.

Ishmael, a telepathically-gifted gorilla, is the protagonist who is able to look from the outside at our species — not only to observe our journey, but to understand exactly how we’ve gone off the rails. Fascinating, captivating reading.


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