Happy Mother’s Day

My mother, God rest her soul, is long gone from Earth. Of course I still think about her every Mother’s Day, and plenty of days in between. But there’s no place to send the card and flowers now.

Mothering is quite a calling. It’s a vocation, and it begins (hopefully) with great excitement and anticipation, is accomplished with an excruciating amount of hard work and a 24/7 commitment for at least twenty years, and brings both unbounded joy and agonizing pain.

A lot of women (and some men) are terrific mothers. Some do it alone. Some are great at it. Some are horrible.

Whether your biological mom was a good’un or not, she did get you here. If yours was one of those who left you with emotional wounds that made you pound pillows under a theraputic eye, I’m really sorry. But even so, she managed to do that one, really good thing: she managed to nourish you for the better part of a year, and then present you to the world.

So no matter what you think of your mom, spend at least one day a year appreciating what she did for you.

Thanks, Mom. I hope I’m making you glad you got me here.


One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. I don’t expect that any mother is perfect, but ours was one of the better ones. She seems to have raised three pretty good kids, ones who have the capacity to love and care for others.

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