Planter time

Late in May I just can’t stand it any more. I know the danger of frost hasn’t left town yet, but right now the days are warm, and long, and languid … and that means I want to set up the flower planter for the summer.

This planter is lined with sphagnum moss and was pre-planted when we got it at a school auction a couple of years ago. It was gorgeous. All I had to do was water it daily, and by mid-summer flowers and lovely greens were cascading over the sides and shouting beauty into the world in pink, blue, yellow, red, green, orange and white.


That was the year we got the ducks, too. They liked the planter as much as I did, but their interest extended only as far as the moss. When I caught them yanking it out through the bottom I fenced them out.

The next year the moss looked even less organized after the tribulation of winter, but I steadfastly refused to deal with it. I visited our favorite nursery and selected a whole new set of plants. Choosing from the thousands available nearly rotted my brain, but the result was worth the angst.

I put the fence up before the ducks had a chance to visit the sphagnum restaurant again.

This year I decided to tackle replacing the tattered moss liner. That was a challenge, but it put me in the mood to take on the plant-choosing chore again. And I took a skilled sister with me this time.

Of course, now that the planter is looking spectacular again (if I do say so my own proud little self), I worry about the possibility of frost.


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