Life’s surprises

Sometimes life deals a hand that is so funny, or strange, or unexpected you just have to laugh.

One of our sisters recently placed an order with Let me say right off that this is not an advertisement for using their services, nor is it going to be a rant on their foibles. We’ve used this site on occasion, and are perfectly happy with their services.

Some vendors will include a small “gimme” in the shipment — a little thank-you for the order and an obvious attempt to get you to try a new product. Sometimes the item is useful to a convent (hand soap or lotion, for example), and sometimes not (the latest mascara wand).

If we created a rating scale for nun-usability (unless you take entertainment value into consideration), the most recent gift would certainly take the lowest place: it was a pack of condoms.

May some of life’s surprising gifts bring laughter and lightness into your heart.


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