Thinking Bloggers

Some time ago my blog was awarded the Thinking Blogger Award. The idea is to pass it on to five other folks whose blogs you feel stretch your brain. I’ve taken some time thinking about this; it was hard because there are so many really, really good blogs out there.

Picking just five means I had to leave out some other blogs that are also fabulous. I’m pretty picky about who I include in my blogroll, so consider any listed there as worthwhile exploration material.

There are three simple rules to this game:

1. If (and only if) you are tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think. Mine are listed below.

2. Link to this post so that people can read how the Thinking Blogger Award started.

3. If you wish, you can display either the silver version or the gold version of the Thinking Blogger Award picture on your blog. This rule is more like a guideline (optional, that is).

Here we go:

  • Sr. Claire Joy’s Blog. She’s one of my own (sisters, that is), and is fearless about throwing out ideas that might cause an inner squirm or two. A good rattling can be quite healthy, and CJ can help as she examines her own thoughts, watching her faith journey with a both serious and funny eye. You can learn a lot here, and have a good time while you’re at it. (And I know she already has a Thinking Blogger Award, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve another.)
  • Wandering Wonderings. One of my all-time favorites, Pat Denino is a word artist, a deep thinker, and another who conducts fearless self examination. She’s lived deeply with cancer and cancer treatment, and out of that potential bog of despair she has grown a glorious garden of wit and challenge. This is a blog I never miss reading.
  • In a Godward Direction. Tobias Haller, BSG, is a dear friend, a tremendous thinker, and an excellent writer. He even composes fabulous music and has an acting background to boot. Now a priest and fellow religious (Brotherhood of Saint Gregory), he writes a blog that will keep you informed and challenged on issues (the real ones) facing the church and the world today. Fasten your seatbelt and prepare to dust off your gray matter when you click on this one.
  • A Different Kind of Christian. I’ve met some terrific young folks, all of whom give me great hope for the Earth and for the human species in particular. (That’s saying a lot about them, given the woeful conditions we’ve managed to bequeath them.) Here is a young man who is not only a great thinker but an articulate and humble writer as well. As he “tries on the pants of adulthood”, he is already an awakened and aware spiritual being.
  • The Almost Daily E-Mo. Known and loved by many people the world around, Barbara Crafton writes the quintessential blog. Another actor-turned-priest, her take on life is a hair off common center, alternatively funny, deeply moving, clever — and always, always worth the three minutes it takes to read. You can even listen to them if you prefer. I don’t know that her aim is to please, but she does so on many levels.

That’s all folks … all five of ’em.


One thought on “Thinking Bloggers

  1. I’m honored that you even read my blog, let alone that you’re giving it an award, especially since I’m sharing it with Barbara Crafton! HAHA. I was just showing your blog to a friend last night. We were wondering what ever happened with Fiona… Have a blessed day!

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