Cats and Dogs: The Learning Journey

Simon is on a training regime.

I’ve been absorbing a well-written book by the monks of New Skete, who raise gorgeous German Shepherds and train dogs of all kinds. I noticed that many of their how-to pictures show a Weimaraner.  Hmmm. Glad to know they are trainable.

We’re working on “walk with me”, “stand”, “stay”, “come”, “kitchen door” (he’s really good at this one; I guess he knows treats are on the other side), and “LEAVE IT!“. We are also training him to be more selective of his waste deposit sites, how to tolerate bathing and nail clipping without complaint, and to stop leaning, pawing, begging and snoozing on the furniture.

We have a ways to go.

Buzz has completed his training program, and I think I did fairly well. I now understand the meaning of his various yowls: let me out, let me in, feed me, pick me up, put me down, open the door, leave me alone. I can even tell if he’s in the mood for canned salmon or dry kibble. I confess that it took me a little over a year to reach this level of understanding and obedience, so I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on Simon. He’s just started.


2 thoughts on “Cats and Dogs: The Learning Journey

  1. Yep, you are doing very well on your regime. And with luck (and lots of perserverance) Simon will do well on his. It’s not easy to train adult dogs, nor adult nuns. So don’t get discouraged. Just remember how well Buzz did with you.

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