As many of you noted, I didn’t write any blogs between August and just a few days ago. Not that I didn’t have any blog ideas. I was actually flooded with them, but the harvest was coming in, literally in multiple large baskets every day, and it took all day (and usually well into the night) to freeze, can, dry, cook and otherwise preserve the riches.

Not much time left for writing things down.

But the first few frosts have finally taken their toll; I’m still drying peppers (my favorites, those lovely, spicy, wonderful peppers), but otherwise the preserving process is completed until (hopefully) the maple sap begins to run in February. Oh, the outdoor part of gardening will keep going until some hefty snows bring it to a temporary halt, but beds need to be cleared, mulched with leaf mould and then tucked in with a toasty comforter of straw. If there’s time, things like pH balance will be checked and goodies added to balance the soil for next year’s crops. I’m an indoor girl when it comes to gardening, though, so it’s catch-up time for me.

So, here I sit, finally sinking quietly and deeply into my retreat, and wanting to explore some of those earlier blog-thoughts … and …

… nothing.

Not one little wink of an idea pops up for examination. Now what is that about? Brain rot? Some little inner imp playing mind games? Perhaps it’s somewhat normal, actually, especially if one is (ahem) moving a-long in the tooth. But I remember this happening to me years ago, too. In college, I would have fabulous ideas for papers, but when it came time to write them … nothing.

OK, so I’ll focus on that: nothing.

My great awakening into the sacredness of Creation came when I began to understand that, universally speaking, “nothing” doesn’t equal a vacuum, it just means no-thing. There are no things out there in space where there appears to be nothing, but that doesn’t mean nothing is going on out there.

Even on the micro-scale of atoms, the measurable doodads we call electrons, protons and the like are surrounded by relatively vast amounts of what appears to be empty space, but those places of “nothingness” are actually fields of wild activity. Quantum particles snap into and out of existence at speeds we can barely comprehend. Brian Swimme calls this bizarre busy place “fecund nothingness”.

So, when “nothing” is going on, it may mean we just can’t perceive the deeper truth with an eyeball, or maybe not even with some fancy-dancy electronic equipment. But in those vast reaches of space, whether measured in cosmic or atomic terms, creation is taking place. Right there in front of us!

A little mind-twister, huh? 

Well, that seems a fair thing to do to a mind unwilling to serve up something with a bit more substance to write about. Hey … “quantum thinking”, that’s the ticket. That’s what I’ll call it when I can think of, well, nothing.

Go figure it all out and let me know what I just said.

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