Winter is here

We are enjoying the first real snow of the season. A week or so ago a few flakes skittered down, but I don’t think that counts; this time it earned a shoveling, and that counts for sure.

I love the snow. It changes the color scheme entirely, from the heated greens of summer and the wild pizzazz of fall, into the grayscale version I’ll be tired of before it disappears next spring. But today, I like it, and I will for months to come.

The muted “no-colors” of winter make me look more deeply for signs of life. They are always there, but in winter you really have to want to find them. Simon and I wandered out into the woods this morning, listening to the soft-pedaled whispers of snow landing on the leaf blanket.

Hunting season began a week ago, though. Simon can easily be mistaken for a deer and he didn’t have on his hunter’s orange jacket. I wasn’t sure my own red one would stand out all that well, either, so we didn’t take any chances. When we heard the first shot of the morning, we headed home.

Well, since Mama Nature is changing her clothes, I thought it might be time to change themes on the blog. This green is so unlike me, I thought using it would be good for my soul.

We’ll see how long that lasts …


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