O Christmas Tree

Years ago the sisters of our Community decided Christmas trees might be a money-making “crop” to help sustain our work in the schools. Each night after teaching, several sisters would hop in the car, drive the fifty-five miles north to Brewster and plant seedlings.

The Christmas-trees-for-money idea never really developed. But the trees did.

More than thirty years later we have an unruly patch of Scotch pine and spruce trees, most of them around forty feet tall. This year Bill (of “Sweet William” fame) climbed a double-topped tree down in the Christmas tree patch, trimmed the tops and brought back Christmas trees for both of our houses.

This is a plan I can support; the trees were not grown in a large monoculture environment, and we didn’t need to kill anything to get a tree. The price was right, especially considering Bill lived to tell about it. (If it depended on me to get one of those pretty  tree tops, we’d be decorating a house plant.)

And so we enjoy our Christmas celebrations this year gathered around the (in more ways than one!) traditional decorated tree:

We hope your own celebrations are filled with tradition, love, warmth, safety, peace and wonder. Blessings on this most holy feast of Mystery.

2 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree

  1. Merry Christmas, Sr. Sister! Give my love to all the rest of your sisters for me. I hope you have a warm, wonderful Christmas.

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