No, we didn’t have a write Christmas here. It was more like off-gray, as the remnants of our only snow so far this season continued to melt into the ground. So I decided to add a little snow to the blog, just to remind us all how lovely snow can be. [The snow disappears on January 2, so if you don’t see it after that, it’s not your eyes going.]

My (biological) sister recently moved from Texas (not the snow capital of the world) to northern Indiana, on the tip of Lake Michigan. Depending on the year, that area could be a contender. We grew up around there, and both of us remember brutally cold winters with lots of snow.

There were fewer cars then, and the snow tended to stay white a long time. Winters were filled with school “snow days” that set us free to sled, build snow caves, skate, and make frozen milk on the back stoop. I suppose my wonderful sister won’t find her reacquaintance with Indiana winters quite as delightful as we did as children; we are both “of an age” now where sledding is way down a list where shoveling and scraping the car windshield come close to the top.

But, ah, those memories …

One thought on “Snow

  1. As your ‘biological’ sister, I can say that the memories are much better than the actual thing. We’ve had several snows so far this year, the last just a couple of days ago. It wasn’t much, but was enought to have to clean sidewalks and cars. I find this so cold that I really wonder how I survived as a child who played outdoors in the stuff for hours at a time, not to mention the days spent ice skating on a frozen lake.

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