Winter wander-land

Bluestone in Winter

We had one of the most lovely snows I’ve seen in years — and that is saying a lot. I love snow, and every storm leaves a changed and unique landscape. Snows are as different as sunsets, and with each one I head outside, camera in hand.

This time I put a few out in a web album, in case you want to walk the property with me. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Winter wander-land

  1. Ah, yes … that seems to be a key ingredient in how deeply we can “enjoy” a good snow! When snowed in (with adequate provisions, of course), the drive factor disappears. But when work or other duties away from home loom, and one must clean off the car and then negotiate dangerous roads and unskillful drivers, it’s difficult to see the full beauty of the white stuff. I admit that during most of my adult years, my snow attention was focused on moving around safely. I am ever grateful that I now I can (and actually do) look forward to every snow!

  2. Wow, great photos CG, you inspire me to get out next time we have a snow and shoot some new photos of the friary. Part of the “fun” of the snow is that I get to try and clear the driveway, which is like a small runway. Good to be out with the birds and all in the fresh air! Peace!

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