I know, I’m not being very good about blogging these days. I could say I was busy, but that would be marginally true at best.

There’s just something about these ever-so-slowly lengthening days in January that just leave me feeling, well, lazy. There isn’t any harvest to preserve, no plantlings (yet) to nurture, the sap’s not running (yet) … the pressure’s off and I don’t feel like doing much of anything.

Our new spinning wheel arrived about ten days ago, though. Now there’s the perfect winter activity. The calories expended to spin on a wheel are probably about 7 an hour. Maybe. All you have to do is pedal (our wheel has a single treadle, so I don’t even have to use both feet at once), and gently feed in the fleece. I can do this for hours on end, and given a choice that’s exactly what I would do.

Spinning calms both mind and body. I would even say it’s a form of meditation; that thinking at least makes me feel less guilty about my hours of quiet pedaling and feeding. On the other hand, with so little calling for my attention right now, is there anything more worthy of my attention?

I think not.

So here’s my January advice for everyone (and it’s worth every dime you’re about to pay for it): Stay home. Eat well. Nap often. Learn to spin.


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