Return to the wild

From today’s spiritual reading:


When you stop cultivation, even for a very short period of time, the wildness returns. That wildness is akin to the buddha-nature. Civilization has a way of making wildness seem very negative. Yet, all things return to the wild: people, mountains, rivers, gardens, apples, the family cat. It doesn’t take long. To be truly free, to be truly liberated and wild, is to be prepared to accept things as they are, abiding in their own dharma state. Sometimes it’s painful. And yet, it’s also joyful and open. Always impermanent, never fixed. Unbounded, yet bountiful.

— John Daido Loori, Teachings of the Earth: Zen and the Environment, p. 79

Here’s to Buzz.

You lived exactly the way you wanted: wild and free.


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