Night Sky Treat


Wednesday evening we will be treated to a third total lunar eclipse in a year! Since we have a Full Moon Fireside event that night, we’re hoping for clear skies and great viewing along with our drum circle, meditation and discussion.

I always wonder what our ancestors thought when a total eclipse occurred. They were all avid sky-watchers; they navigated, predicted weather, planted, mated and who knows what else based on what they observed above their heads. So surely a total lunar eclipse would have been a Very Big Deal.

Total lunar eclipses occur at odd intervals, so drawing conclusions about their import must have been a bit crazy-making. Given its eerie blood-red tinge at totality, when the moon is crouched in the darkest part of Earth’s shadow, there must have been some pretty wild decisions made about what was happening — or would happen soon,

On the other hand, maybe they had a deep, sub-conscious understanding that there was no danger involved at all, and just sat there watching it for hours, awed.

That’s what I plan to do.

One thought on “Night Sky Treat

  1. We watched the eclipse as well and I have to say, I think I have only seen maybe one other eclipse in my life. So it was very cool to watch it.

    I had the same thoughts as you did, our ancestors had to either be completely awed or terrified (or a combination of both) when they witnessed such an event.

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