May … June … July …

Hey, c’mon. It’s only been two months, almost to the day. And this is summer, when Earth’s abundance practically knocks us out, day after day.

This year Suzanne (At the Edge of the Enclosure) has performed a miracle just outside the kitchen door with what I think of as “Our English Garden Herb Factory”. The herbs became part of the glorious arrangements, and so oregano, tarragon, basil (purple and two kinds of green), thyme (at least two kinds), winter savory, mint, chives, chervil and purple sage are all contributing to the colorful splendor.Herb Garden 2008 

This is just one small section; the entire garden is about five times what you see here. It is truly breath-taking.

And the abundance doesn’t stop here; Victoria Amplissimo soup peas (or “Vic Amps”) are drying all over the “barn”, we now have a “wall of garlic” in there as well, with more to come in; Macrina the duck blessed us with another six ducklings this year; the chickens (all named Jan) are beginning to lay in earnest; and we’ve had to set up our own little farmstand to handle the veggies we cannot either eat now or preserve for the winter. Even the bees (all named Margaret) are multiplying and working madly, so we might even see a bit of honey in our first year!

All of this comes through the amazing planning and execution of our head “farm sister”, the dedication of Bill and Suzanne, and the general delight and hard work of each of us living this blessed life.

Each year I am amazed anew at how Earth’s inclination is to provide way more than is necessary or expected. How is it then, that humans believe there is not enough?


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