Bluestone Summer – I

We are extremely busy this time of year. The gardens are more than abundant, folks are traveling, the weather has gotten wild on occasion, the animals are reproducing (yep, more ducklettes) … so the next few posts will be shots of a few of the wonderful things we see each day here on the farm.

Can you find all six ducklings? The single dark duckie, Huey the firstborn, is facing backward. This was perhaps prophetic, as Huey is proving to be something of a nitwit.

He escaped one day, to the great consternation of his mom, who tried to pull him back into the pen through the chicken wire. Then he managed to get stuck between the slats of the pallet under bales of hay — twice. Once again mom tried brute force, and one again it wasn’t successful. Both times required human intervention to effect a rescue.

I fear Huey’s brains, such as they are, might have been scrambled by these escapades. He’s forever lost or wandering far from the rest of the family, is smaller than the rest, and generally seems a bit, well, disconnected. I’m sure he would appreciate your prayers.

The new duckies (in order of arrival) are: Huey, Dewey, Louie, Gooey, Phooey and Phred.

And no, mostly we cannot tell who is who.

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