Smudge Alert

BUNNY UPDATE:  Yesterday Smudge went to the vet “to be tutored”, as Gary Larson so delicately put it. Smudge, as it turns out, is a boy. Well, mostly. Smudge seems pretty happy (though it could be good bunny drugs at this point); he had to be discouraged from binking around the cage when he got home, just hours after the surgery.

Anyway, I’m sure Bill will be thrilled to know the number of males has increased since he left. After all, living with zillions of female bees, twenty-five chickens, seven ducks, four nuns, one female dog and one wife could make a guy nervous. So far it has been Bill, a few bees, Basil the Dastardly Drake, and Simon; even with Smudge on that end of the seesaw, the odds are decidedly weighted to the feminine around here. Then again, every little bit helps.

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