Tomato mandala

We are drying a lot of food this year, and tomatoes are the big crop du jour. Some of them reveal the most amazing structures when the liquid has been removed. We held this one up to the light to get this interesting image.

P.S. Dried tomatoes are a delicious snack, to say nothing of a really economical and space-saving way to preserve nature’s bounty!


4 thoughts on “Tomato mandala

  1. They are verrry tomato-y, for one thing. I used them to make ketchup, which was great since it meant I didn’t have to spend hours cooking the tomatoes down. I just added a little boiling water to the dried tomatoes, then moved on with the recipe. There is a whole book about drying foods — what can be dried (from the best to the least plausible), including how to store, reconstitute and use them all. Today: more tomatoes, and hot peppers (my fav)!

    [P.S. More about that book later … ]

  2. Wow! That’s a stunning photo. Looks almost like stained glass. I see a new series of cards in the making!

    Do you dry your hot peppers indoors? I’ve been afraid to, but if you’re doing it without knocking out your pets…

  3. Dear Sophie and friends,

    So sorry for delay — we have been madly preserving (yep, lots of drying in there) foods. Today is the first day in months I’ve made it to my computer in the daylight.

    I do dry hot peppers all the time; and I roast them, too. The only thing that requires the great out of doors is smoking them (as in chipotles).

    Oddly, the capsaicin effect doesn’t seem to be a problem in drying until it comes to the stage where I begin to “flake up” the dried chiles. I also wonder if animals are as susceptible as we are to the inevitable burning side effect of hot peppers.

    Anyone out there know?

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