Rainy retreats

At long last we have the luxury of being in retreat without squeezing a fair amount of work into the day, thanks to the weather (nothing to be harvested or preserved in this rain) and the early fall decline of ripening veggies.

Bill, bless his skillful hands and heart, has fixed the drainage problem from the chapel roof, and I cheerfully watched water pour out the new, extended drain into the garden this morning. He also re-engineered the basement floor in the convent, installed new pumps and piping, and re-sealed the cellar doors. So far the whole basement is dry as a bone. Ahhhh …. Go ahead, Mama Nature, rain all you want.

Well, do stop short of that forty-days-and-forty-nights thingy; we haven’t built any arks yet.

I hope you all have a peaceful, cozy day, too. Even in the rain.


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