Full Moon Wonder


November’s full moon occurred this morning at 1:18 AM, our time. This isn’t today’s moon; I took this photo in October, facing west early in the morning when Simon and I were out for a walk. A full moon rises around sunset, and won’t be setting with this kind of view in the morning sky for several days. At the moment it’s still in the sky; moonset is around 7:18 AM, and the sun’s brightness will all but wipe it from view.

We won’t see today’s full moon morning or night anyway; it’s thickly overcast and rainy. As this weather front moved in last night, we saw the moon through a haze of clouds, a now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t tease of itself.

I just love the moon, and I always have.  For millennia we’ve been more at ease at night when the moon is visible. Who needs a flashlight or a burning torch from the fire to move around? The colors change from the day’s bright hues to thousands of shades of silver. A woodland becomes a magical place — especially if there is a good snow cover to reflect all that silvery light.

New moons are amazing, too. The depth of the Universe is more apparent when our bright satellite moon is hiding its face. And farmers know that certain planting and harvesting activities are best performed at the new moon’s time.

The moon is responsible for Earth’s oceanic tides, for setting the perfect romantic scene for lovers, and who knows what else. Here’s my ode to our lovely Grandmother Moon:

I’m grandmother moon —
hidden self only
loved by the light of
my Sister’s fiery passions;
my rocks and craters,
my icy hills,
sometimes revealed in this
yielding to distance, alignment and shine.

First cold
then hot; then cold again;
thin-aired and dry,
an old woman walking great sleepless circles,
threading shadow through
the needle’s eye of day.

I stir the great waters of cousin Earth
into taffy-tides
and pull them halfway round her skin;
I’ve cradled her ships and her men,
shared the sum of my life
with the mystery of theirs;

and when their day is full
I sigh them off my lap
and tiptoe into the windless night.
Sleep safely, my children —
I am grandmother moon.

2 thoughts on “Full Moon Wonder

  1. Oh, exquisite ode … thank you for sharing. I, too, have a love of the moon and its phases. Love to drum the full moon up!

  2. This is a beautiful photo. I looked carefully for a copyright and could not find it. I notice you have not blogged since May of this year. Hope you are well, and will return to blogging.

    I would like to borrow this photo for a seasonal banner on my blog. This is not for generating revenue, and I will give you full credit for the photo. I have tried repeatedly to photograph the huge, bright rising full moons we get in Florida, but am not enough of a photographer to get a shot as beautiful as this.

    If I do not hear back from you I will assume that you approve of the loan. And if you say no, I will not be offended. It is your photograph, and it is not in my nature to simply take it without asking. Ninety-nine percent of the photos on my blog are my own. Thank you in advance. Patsye (Whimseytopia.wordpress.com)

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