CHS Video Theater debut

I know I owe everyone a blog with some meat on its bones — it has been awhile. One of my recent blog-delaying assignments was to figure out how to get some videos of  our community winging their way through cyberspace. Even though I’m fairly computer-literate, I waded through a few false starts before I got the hang of it.

At least, I think I’ve got it.

At any rate, this will eventually be tied to our community’s web page, but if any of you want a sneak preview, check out the CHS Video Theater. I have a few more in my work queue, and will post here when they make their way to “the theater”. In the meantime I hope you enjoy a little walk through the woods to our (ex-)beaver pond.

And I’ll get a new blog posted, I promise.  I’m just not promising when … 😎


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