Artisan Bread Update

About a year ago I wrote a review on Jeff Hertzberg’s and Zoë François’ book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking. That blog entry continues to get the highest traffic over here, so I thought an update might be useful —sometimes we can be excited about something, but it wanes over time.

Not this one. Ever since we were introduced to this terrific bread-baking method, we have kept an active supply of dough in the fridge. All of us know that fresh bread can be whipped out on the busiest of cooking days, ready to impress and delight at our mid-day main meal.

And I use the same dough every Saturday night, when we use whatever is available — leftovers, frozen or dried goodies from last gardening season, winter root crops — to make pizza. (Wanna watch? See our East Indian Pizza video clip on CHS Video Theater.)

So this is just another note to those doubters out there: beautiful artisan breads are yours for the baking. Check out Jeff and Zoë’s web sites, here and here.


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