Spring beauty

Yoshinogawa (tree peony)
Yoshinogawa (tree peony, also called Yoshino River)

I really don’t like peonies very much.

They grew in my family’s decorative gardens, and if a child was foolish enough to play near them, she’d find herself swatting at voracious, truly large black ants.

I blame the  peonies.

Blossoms appear  in mid-spring and are gone … in mid-spring. Short lives. Once they’ve passed on, we are left with gangly and unsightly (to my eyes) greens.

The blooms never seem to last long inside either, and of course they are accompanied by ants when they do come in. Eeeuw.

Now I’m faced with these darlings again, just outside the kitchen door. (I confess that I’ve taken to calling them “Pee-on-me’s”, encouraging Simon to behave accordingly.)

Several days ago, Bill arrived in the kitchen with the lovely blossom here.  Apparently St. Aidan’s (Bill and Suzanne’s house across the road from us) has a tree peony in the back yard. I’ve never seen it, never even knew there was such a thing.

I don’t know if giant black ants are up for the long trek to peonies five feet off the ground, but none arrived with this one and that’s a good sign.

So, okay. Tree peonies: good (possibly).  Regular ground peonies?

C’mere, Simon.


One thought on “Spring beauty

  1. Oh, did that bring back memories! I couldn’t agree more. We have ‘pee-on-mes’ in our back yard here, and I still don’t like them. That is such a great name. We don’t have a dog, but maybe I can borrow the neighbors. Wonder what cat pee would do??

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