Bringing in the sheaves

Oat harvest 2009This year we decided to run oats rather than corn for drying, and in spite of the monsoon season this summer has turned out to be, we harvested them (yes, in the rain) on Sunday morning. They are drying happily in “the barn” (the one-time refectory).

I have found that stripping the grain, chaff and all, from the stalk is soothing work. I spent about two hours at it yesterday and today, and have nearly a bushel of “oat pods” to show for my work.

Ah, farming.


3 thoughts on “Bringing in the sheaves

  1. The tomatoes are getting late blight, but it’s not late, it’s early. That’s not good. We salvaged a lot of the oats, but no eggplants or okra this year. Beans like the rain, so we are in bean heaven. Ya win some, ya lose some …

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