Snowy nights and odd musings

St. Fiacre in the SnowWe’ve already had one snow this season, but this is the first one that has gotten past the dusting stage. I love trying to get a decent night shot, since the flash picks up the large flakes so well.

St. Fiacre, apparently an Irish saint who landed in France to get closer to God (someone might be able to explain that thinking to me … ), was known for healing miracles and for the fact that he created his own hermitage space and surrounding garden, supposedly using only his staff.  His particular healings included venereal disease (hmm), and he never allowed women into his oratory (hmmmmmmm).

We’ve had this little statue of that saint in our kitchen garden for almost two years. So far we’ve had no venereal diseases out there, but I’m afraid women have been in constant presence.

One out of two ain’t so bad.


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