A Completely Biased Book Review

Full confession:  all the gorgeous photos and all the great ideas in this book arose in the minds and hearts (and through the excellent photographic, culinary and literary skills) of our Companions Erin Martineau and Anne Ditzler. The book, savor: natural · simple · healthy, is a delight for the eye, a lovely window into our lives here on the farm, and a terrific help in the kitchen.

I am definitely biased.

But even with my caveat, this is a book you and your friends will adore.  Helpful hints throughout encourage one to venture into the wonderful (and tasty) world of fresh foods, farmers’ markets and creative cooking.

Not exactly recipes here, but guidelines for how to use those beautiful veggies now appearing in yard gardens and organic markets around the country.  Whether you use it as eye candy for your coffee table or as a quick reference for your kitchen shelf, you’ll want to buy a copy today.

And don’t forget a copy for your best friend. S/he will love it, too.


One thought on “A Completely Biased Book Review

  1. Can’t wait to see THE book…have already ordered it! Seems like you grow everything but moss under your feet. Hooray for making this happen so soon.

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