Icy Beauty and Thieves

We’ve had extremely cold weather for this time of year, and though today was barely 30°, the sun was strong enough to melt icicles draped along a school eave  …

… and invite a local possum to invade the chicken yard and help her/himself to the chickens’ deer carcass treat. Possum just love eggs, and when this little bandit was discovered in one of the chicken nest boxes it was rewarded with a photo op and a one-way trip to the forest behind the hermitage.


4 thoughts on “Icy Beauty and Thieves

  1. Who picked him up and moved him? The only up-close-and-personal encounter I’ve ever had with a possum, he bared teeth, and I retreated. We currently have a possum that searches for food, usually the cat’s, on our back porch. I know that cat food isn’t good for possums so try to find scraps for him (her?)

  2. Bill is our official wild animal handler here. He uses a pair of hefty leather gloves.

    As it turns out, possum are all show and not much else. They “threaten” with the open mouth and bared teeth, but don’t bite. But it works, as you know. So do I—I chased this one away from the carcass with a garbage can lid. I wasn’t about to take this critter on, either, especially not when it was enjoying his dinner so much. Besides, s/he did the open-mouth-bare-teeth routine at me. I just take Bill’s word about that not-biting thingy.

    I think possum generally prefer carrion (hmmm, smells a lot like cat food), but will go after eggs, too, and when hungry enough live animals.

  3. Our possum will eat anything he can find. I try to save scraps from the kitchen for him in the winter. When I checked the net, I learned that possums are opportunistic eaters. They will eat about anything, but dry cat food is not good for them. I know nature designs these creatures to fend for themselves during the winter, but I can’t help trying to feed them a bit extra especially when the weather is so very bad.

  4. We recently took Big Al (cat) to the vet for a cold, and she said he was way too fat; apparently dry cat food is mostly carbs, and not great for every cat. I guess Molly knows when to stop, and gets lots of (hunting) exercise. Al, on the other hand, is a bit more, um relaxed about running around, and eats way more than his share. Now they each get a carefully measured portion of canned goodies, and one of us stands there to be sure Al doesn’t “share” with Molly. So far so good. In the meantime our little possum has stayed away from the chickens. So far so good for him/her, too.

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