Ducks behind bars

The weather has been so cold lately that Donald, our wonderful drake, finally began to suffer frostbite on his caruncles — those impressive knobby red skin areas around his face and neck. Once frostbite sets in, it is important to protect the area (to say nothing of the rest of the animal) from the cold to prevent further damage.

That means a stay in the barn, where it is a toasty 50°.  The vet reminded us that Donald wouldn’t want to be incarcerated alone, so we included Marilyn (remember the little ducklette who was sewn up several times this past summer?) and Little Cluck. LC’s comb has lost a few spikes to frostbite, too, so we decided she’d be a good companion for the sentence.

All three are perfectly happy in their reduced digs, finding a spider or the rare fly to keep their hunting skills sharp.

For my part, I enjoy the occasional clucking and soft duck whistles and warbles. It’s nice to have a drake and friends around the house.


2 thoughts on “Ducks behind bars

  1. Well, Donald’s caruncles will look strange once the damaged area departs his face … but if we keep him out of the cold from now on he should do fine. Nothing like having a duck and chicken or two in the house. Good company as long as they stay put. Little Cluck likes to explore, so she tends to take a daily excursion out of jail. We discourage that, but she has a mind of her own. She still lays an egg nearly every day, so I’m not complaining!

    I just put a little video of them on our CHS Video page and on YouTube so you can see the three of them in action.

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