Back at Holy Cross …

Foggy January morningEighteen committed (read: addicted) yarn-workers gathered this month for a three-day retreat called “Prayerful Stitches”.  Led by two of the brothers, all of us indulged our innate sense that handwork is connected to — in fact, rooted in — the Sacred.

Not only was the retreat a fabulous success, but we were graced by some amazing Handwork of another kind. This foggy morning just begged to be photographed. I took this photo from my room early one morning. The roof (at the bottom) is the monastery refectory; the small bright light (left side, just below middle) is the reflection of the rising sun on the Hudson  River. The fog was still lingering heavily, in spite of the sun’s best efforts to burn it off.

This particular shot was taken through two windows and with a cell phone. Even so, you can probably tell it was Handwork of the highest order.

Just a wee heads-up; this retreat is to be repeated October 14-17, scheduled to coincide with the annual Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival, which will be the Saturday treat of a lifetime if you’ve never been there. My guess is that this will fill up long before the official announcement comes out, so if you’re interested, contact the monastery now!

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