On a roll … literally

The weaving fool-ness is in full swing.

The loom is warped and I’ve started on the long-anticipated Dishtowel Project #2.  All of Gertie’s restoration work was so worth it — her harnesses whisper up and down, the shed yawns open to perfection, not a single tie-up hook has bounced off (that is so annoying), and not one warp thread has broken in the weaving process!

(OK, not yet anyway. And if you read between the lines, you might suspect I snapped some warp threads before the weaving began. Still have a lot to learn about warping.)

The first towel is now nearly completed and more will soon be rolling up on the beam below, snuggled around a brand new apron cloth.



2 thoughts on “On a roll … literally

  1. I come to you by way of Becky E. This loving effort is well appreciated. I managed a program of senior weavers, some blind, and came to know many of the adventures of the looms as well as the marvelous relationship to the thread. When I saw the silk weavers in Thailand warping fibers 200 per inch I almost fainted. The sheen of that warp almost looked like fabric. Can you imagine the reed?

  2. Two … hundred?!!? And I thought 36pi was unbelievable.

    I am early in my weaving journey, and falling in love with the whole idea of personalities of looms and the infinite variety of possibilities embedded in threads. I’m still challenged by a 2/2 twill … 😎

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