A Change of Mind

The most important change that people can make is to change their way of looking at the world. We can change studies, jobs, neighborhoods, even countries and continents and still remain much as we always were.  But change our fundamental angle of vision and everything changes—our priorities, our values, our judgments, our pursuits.  Again and again, in the history of religion, this total upheaval in the imagination has marked the beginning of a new life … a turning of the heart, a metanoia, by which humans see with new eyes and understand with new minds and turn their energies to new ways of living.

— Our Global Neighborhood, report to the Commission on Global Governance

This worldview shift — this metanoiac alteration that all religions have struggled to name and to claim — is perhaps the most important, life-giving and life-saving act humans will ever have the opportunity to give to ourselves and to the future generations of all Earth’s living systems.

This is the charge Ghandi issued when he said “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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