Feast of the Fourth

Happy 4th of July, everyone.

My childhood memories of this holiday make it one of my favorites:  a small carnival in town, great barbeque, a local parade complete with floats and the ubiquitous Shriner mini-moped brigade, fireworks and sparklers …

I know that the “freedoms” we enjoy came at a huge price for the indigenous residents of this country and for the land itself, so the celebration today is subdued and now includes attention to our faults as well as our privileges in this place. It is a day observed with both thanksgiving and with repentance.

Holding all these things in our hearts, we will complete the observance of the day with a feast of good food, mostly obtained right here on the land currently in our care. With thanks to our forebears, we appreciate the many gifts we enjoy. Here are a few shots of kitchen preparations in progress [click on an image to see the close-up view] …

The menu includes deviled eggs (fresh eggs are miserable to shell, but Rachel [one of our Fabulous Interns] did a masterful job on this bunch), filled with creamy hard-cooked yolks, freshly-made dill mayo, sweet-n-sour pickles from last year’s cukes, hot sauce from 2009 peppers, and paprika from 2009 dried Boldog. Fresh basil leaves finish the plate. Presentation is everything.

Bill made brats (sausages) last week from venison, pork and spices, which will be grilled and served with lacto-fermented sauerkraut. We’ll treat ourselves to steamed shell peas and a fresh green salad, along with potato salad made from potatoes grabbled just today (in all this heat!) from the Main Garden.

Desserts are provided by Bill, who is making vanilla ice cream served with a variety of toppings, and Rachel and Claire (our other F.I.), who are right now baking strawberry-rhubarb and peanut butter-chocolate pies.

And of course lemonade (sorry, we have to use organic lemon juice from the store — no lemon trees here … yet) will be our classic summer quencher.

If you’re not drooling now, you may actually be dead.


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