Tarzan is growing up, and his latest education has been focused on beaking skills.

The past two nights he has used Donald’s back for poking practice. Tarzan has unfair advantages:  he’s smaller and much faster, he has a spear of a beak and can leap on Donald’s back to avoid those dangerous duck claws and pinching bill. The damage was severe enough that Tarzan has been exiled from the roaming flock of ducks and chickens to the fenced-in chicken run.  Plenty of roaming room still but his companions are now 22 equally-beaked females of his own kind.

That sure evened up the odds.  The two boss hens aren’t quite ready to give up their status to this interloper, so he’s learning how to be a bit more socially adept.  Once he realized his advantage had disappeared, he began looking for a way out. Surely there must be a hole somewhere in this fence …

Before he realized he could easily fly out, we clipped his flight feathers. No geographic cure for this problem.

Hopefully all will be settled in the new living arrangements within a few days.

In the meantime there are occasional meetings between rooster and hen where heated discussions occur, and the social structure is being reorganized. So far, it’s Tarzan who is having to do the renegotiation.  The score to date is about 5-1, advantage hens.

They’ll work it out.


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