Here’s the scoop

All this machinery can be deceiving in size.  I’m not the tallest person around, but even so … this is one big bucket!  I estimated the size of our hole in the ground at about 54′ x 20′ x 13′. Many, many trips back and forth to the “piles”, even using this sized bucket.

But there is a smile on my face, and that’s because the digging is done, the refilling is done, and the only work left is to reestablish the school grass and our landscaping (we have a lovely and simple new plan for this area:  two white birches surrounded by wood chips and a few flowering plants below the window), and to rebuild the driveway and sidewalk.

All things considered, this could have been a lot worse. Could have been much better, too, but still we try to see at least some gift in whatever comes our way.

Besides, plopping down in a big old bucket was kind of fun.


2 thoughts on “Here’s the scoop

  1. Every silver lining has its black cloud, of course. With 3.25″ of rain yesterday, a fair amount of that fill sifted through the one contaminated area and into the basement. Now we have a very smelly, probably dangerous, thick layer of silt all over the laundry room floor.

    Someone keep telling me there will be an end to this story …

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