A glorious and busy fall day on the farm

Today has been (still is, actually) incredibly beautiful—breezy, cool and sunny, a perfect autumn day in New England.

And this has been a typical day busy-wise, too:

  • started the morning by rendering duck fat, which produces a radiant yellow, delicious cooking oil;



  • harvested hot peppers and tomatoes;


  • made six quarts of yogurt;

  • helped Bill make sausages, which he then smoked;

  • prepared a dozen luscious jalapeno peppers for smoking to follow the brats in the smoker;

  • collected eggs and cleaned the chicken house;

  • set up a couple trays of moistened wood pellets for later use in the humanure project


  • enjoyed a mini-walk around the farm



My wish for every being is to experience the sense of delight, nurture, beauty and peace this kind of day brings.  Heaven, right here on Earth.


2 thoughts on “A glorious and busy fall day on the farm

  1. Whoa! What happened to the look of your blog? I thought I’d been directed to the wrong one. Fortunately, I recognized this entry that I loved.

    1. Oh, you know I’ve gotta change things every now and then; changing the blog “face” is so much easier than cleaning and rearranging my room.

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