Mixed blessing

One of my least favorite forestland plants is the winged euonymous. Nearly impossible to remove, it spreads rapidly, and takes over the woodland understory.

That’s the bad news.

It is also called firebush, and in the spring the entire understory lights up in pale pink, though the leaves soon green up for the summer.  But in the fall they lose their chlorophyl, revealing a range of hot pinks to deep reds.  Bill caught this beautiful view a couple of days ago, when a single shaft of sunlight seemed to set one bush on fire.  As much as I whine about this plant, I can’t help admiring the amazing, blazing glory of their fall attire.

Humans are a little like this, too—we’re practically an invasive species on the planet now, taking over the “global understory”. Yet we also create glorious words, music, art, and even solutions to the problems we’ve created.

There is always hope.


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