Aaaaand … they’re done!

They’ve been washed and dried, the ends are sewn and they are in the mail.

Planning the next project and can hardly wait to start warping. Maybe this time I’ll try a photo-journal of each step.


5 thoughts on “Aaaaand … they’re done!

  1. Aaaaand, they’re beautiful! Congratulations. Everyone should have such masterpieces as dish towels. So glad you are feeling up to throwing that shuttle.

    1. There are shuttle-throwing moments … and there are not. Took me about four times longer to make these (and I only made four) than the last towel batch (six of ’em). Still one good day to three or four bad ones. I am soooo sick and tired of being sick and tired; at least shuttle-throwing can be interrupted easily, abandoned for days, and its errors fixed without dire consequence!

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